Our A's to your Q's during the Pandemic (we will update daily)
I am not working atm. How can I get financial support as a worker?
I am a freelancer in an URGENT situation, without any savings
I am a freelancer with some savings, or with a partner that has an income
I am a zero-hour worker or a flex-worker
The municipality's page includes the list of the requirements and the online form to apply in the bottom of the page.
If your income was affected but you do not require emergency assistance then the TOZO scheme is for you. The government's page offers a list of the requirements and a test to see if you qualify. The application again would be through the municipality's website.
For the NOW scheme your employer should apply. It covers up to 80% of your salary with your hours averaged over the last three months. You should contact your employer.
I was recently laid-off, didn't have my contract renewed, or my employer refused to apply for NOW funding
You can register a complaint with the government if you have been laid off or if your employer refuses to apply for NOW scheme while you have a zero-hour contract.
What are my rights as a worker at this time of the pandemic?
The union FNV has answered questions regarding work conditions and rights during the pandemic. It applies to a variety of professions. If you have a specific question feel free to contact us.
What about my rent, is there any initiative that could support me?
The government has issued a NO EVICTION policy and requires extension for temporary contracts. If you belong to a housing association public or private, your best shot is to locally organize with your neighbours. If you live in a building with more than one flats under the same landlord, contact your neighbours and try to collectively talk to your landlord. If you rent from a private landlord that only owns your flat then talk to them directly about your financial situation. A few initiatives have managed to negotiate maintenance work in exchange of rent for a few months. Your landlord cannot evict you or charge you interest on your rent. For all your other questions check Woonbond, a non-profit that lobbies for renter rights.
Are there any policies developed for workers' lost income?
PlatformBK in collaboration with Kunsten'92 are also mapping loss of income due to Covid-19 with a small focus towards protections for non EU workers amongst others in order to not lose residency as a result of applying to any of the existing freelance schemes. Help their efforts by reporting your status here.
As a non-EU worker I am not entitled to BBZ, could an application to TOZO or emergency scheme affect my residency permit?
Kunstenbond is collecting reports from freelancers that have lost income due to the pandemic. They are examining the problem in order to lobby MP's and the government on extending existing financial support schemes for freelancers to cultural workers that might not fulfill the requirements as described by the current schemes.
I have had loss of income but not only because of cancellations of gigs. I have been living in a precarious state for a while now, what can I do?
With the Covid-19 outbreak it has become even more evident that the Cultural sector in Rotterdam depends too highly on precarious workers. Precarity did not emerge as a result of the pandemic, it was always present. Living pay check to pay check is a precarious state. We are seeking anonymous stories from workers (salaried, freelancers, zero-hours, interns or volunteers) in cultural institutions in Rotterdam that report precarity during and before the pandemic. Help us map the extents of the problem, form collective demands and push for both implementation and improvement of the Fair Practice Code.
Are there local businesses that remained open during the lockdown?
Yes! A lot of businesses switched to online models or adapted to different opening times. From food services, bakeries and supplies businesses check the local initiatives.
I want to help out in my community, where can I find local initiatives?
For offering help within your neighbourhood check @AidRotterdam on Twitter.
To donate old phones or laptops to people that do not have digital access in Rotterdam please click here.
If you live in the area of Charlois in the South, see what is needed and offer your support on this facebook group.
For other areas in Rottterdam and phone numbers to contact check Buurtwerk.
For very comprehensive aggregate lists with resources during the pandemic please check:
Autonomous Fabric of Rotterdam
Digital Solidarity Networks from VARIA
Coronavirus Handbook
For a network based in Delfshaven click here.
If you have relevant links to add let us know on our IG @cultural.workers.unite, on our FB or send us an email on
As of 17th of April, no, it CANNOT AFFECT your residency status! The State secretary for Justice and Security answered YES to the question if non-EU residency holders who are ZZPers could apply for TOZO.
For resources to negotiate rent, rent reduction and what are your rights as a tenant
Are there any opportunities for artists in need in the Rotterdam area?
In collaboration with NAC there is a project to support the visual artists active in the Area of Charlois that are in the most vulnerable situations through a series of short exhibitions.
Students from Sandberg have a very comprehensive guide on employment in the Netherlands and resources on where to get help.
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