Cultural Workers Unite ยท #1 Nurturing Intersectional Solidarity in conversation with UVW
The pandemic has given increased visibility to inequalities that already exist globally for many workers. In the national level, the precarity of many groups of workers has come to the foreground with freelancers losing jobs and flexworkers either being fired or not getting any compensation throughout the crisis. We must no longer ignore the fragility of labour in the cultural sector. We must nurture solidarity and support each other now and beyond this time of crisis. As precarious cultural workers ourselves, we ask, is it viable to create a Cultural Workers Union in Rotterdam?

We have taken this time to research possibilities and get in touch with workers, institutions, local and international campaigns Through this series of interviews, we would like to explore the possibilities, viabilities, stories, successes and struggles of unionising in the Netherlands and abroad.
#1 Cultural Workers Unite in conversation with United Voices of the World

Thanks Vera, Ruth, Redon and Olena for joining us!